Bankruptcy Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Bankruptcy Attorney John E. Dunlap Serves the Greater Tennessee Area

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Memphis Tennessee John E Dunlap serves the greater Memphis, Tennessee area

Looking for the a local bankruptcy lawyer near you? Attorney John E. Dunlap has served the greater Memphis, Tennessee area for more than 20 years as a bankruptcy attorney to help clients get a fresh financial start through bankruptcy law.

Debt can be overwhelming and ruin anyone’s quality of life — often through no fault of their own. Our experienced bankruptcy law firm may be able to help you recover your finances, discharge debts, and start with a plan to tackle your debt through bankruptcy.

Our Bankruptcy Law Services

Our bankruptcy law firm may be able to help you become debt free in as soon as 100 days by helping you tackle your debt through bankruptcy. We work with clients one-on-one to help them overcome debt and get a fresh start.

The Law Offices of John E Dunlap provide a full range of bankruptcy legal services for clients across Tennessee and the Greater Memphis area, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 filing services, emergency bankruptcy services, and more. We understand that bankruptcy can be confusing — with our experienced bankruptcy law firm on your side, we may be able to help you tackle your debts in a way that suits your needs and life best.

Not sure what type of bankruptcy filing you may be eligible for? Learn more about the different types of bankruptcies and how we may be able to help you.

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Greater Tennessee Area

Bankruptcy lawyer John E. Dunlap is admitted to practice in the Eastern, Middle, and Western Federal District Courts in Tennessee, as well as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and The United States Supreme Court. As bankruptcy is primarily filed in federal court, Attorney Dunlap can help clients across the nation to file bankruptcy and has served clients with bankruptcy law services since 1989.

As a well respected and dedicated bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Dunlap has also taught other lawyers in continuing education courses to help bring new financial life to more individuals suffering from debt.

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We are committed to helping Tennesseans to recover from debt and start their lives again. To get started, we offer a free 20 minute consultation about your bankruptcy case. There is no cost to you for this free initial consultation. Contact us to get started recovering from debt today.

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