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New Jewelry at the Gallery

Check out the jewelry new to the gallery! Featuring sterling silver bracelets, tourmaline rings, silver necklaces, and diamond rings. Ari and Grace took many photos yesterday showing off the bright colors of the new rings and beautiful jewelry. 



 Come by the gallery to see these new items in person!

Welcome to Chalet Kezar

Sitting on 12 acres of sprawling evergreen forest in Western Maine – Chalet Kezar is a 2 bed/1 bath 1930’s chalet with a bunkhouse for two overlooking stunning views of Kezar Lake and the White Mountains. Chalet Kezar is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and recharge. We invite you to experience ‘’the way life should be’’ at Chalet Kezar.

Only one week left in the month of July! Check out our website here: https://www.chaletkezar.com/ and our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Chalet-Kezar

chalet_CarleyRuddPhotography (1 of 1).jpg 


Maine Medicinals at Harvest Gold!

Harvest Gold is happy to announce that we are carrying products from Maine Medicinals! Maine Medicinals of Dresden, Maine, is a multigenerational family business that manufactures USDA certified organic nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical alternatives).

Hand sanitizer is becoming increasingly necessary in our every day lives and Maine Medicinals has a fantastic option. Their sanitizer beats the rest as it is scented with sage, rosemary, and lavender. We are carrying small spray bottles, as well as large 8oz refills.

Lynda swears by Maine Medicinals' Organic Elderberry Syrup. Elderberries are full of antioxidants, which lend themselves to immune system support. As noted on their box, "Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, called the elderberry his 'medicine chest'". A touch of blueberry adds a great flavor to this syrup!

We are also carrying Maine Medicinals' Relax + Restore Elixir. Designed to reduce stress and promote mental and physical well-being, the elixir is full of natural ingredients like passionflower and lemon balm. It might be just what you need during these stressful times.

We hope you come by to check out these products - they really may improve your life!

New Works at the Gallery

Many of the artists featured at the gallery have been busy creating new works of art! We have received lots of new pieces in the last few weeks. Now that we're open, we'd love if you came in to see them! Here's a look at just a few of the new works:

"Falling Water" by Sandra Josephine Bell

Sandra Josephine Bell, originally from Ohio, now lives and works in Center Lovell. We have several paintings by Sandra on display in the gallery.

"Cow Chow" by Diane Scott

Another local artist, Diane Scott has many works featured at Harvest Gold.

"Windy Day at Reed State Park" by Sandy Crowell

Whether it's capturing an animal in nature or a summery landscape, Sandy's works are consistently stunning.


"Rudy's Shore Front" by Jeanne Ouellette

New to the gallery, Jeanne Ouellette paints many familiar scenes of Lovell with bright, vibrant colors.

There's plenty more to see at the gallery! We hope to see you soon.

New Kathy Angel Lee Pieces!

Kathy is one of our artists at the gallery! Kathy’s passion and avocation have been sewing since she was twelve years old. In the late 1980s, Kathy was introduced to quilting through an appliqué class. From that simple beginning, her work has evolved from a traditional form to a more artistic format. She is primarily self-taught, but has taken classes from many internationally known textile artists. In addition, she takes painting and drawing classes with local artists. Since her redirection (or retirement) from education in 2002, Kathy enjoys experimenting with a wide range of fabrics and techniques in both traditional and non-traditional ways. Currently, her interests are landscapes, flowers, wearable art, fabric manipulation, creating her own painted and dyed fabric and working in mixed media with textiles, threads, paints and embellishments. 

Today she came in to introduce some new pieces, having a bridge series as well as a birch tree series. She created her bridge pieces by printing a photo onto fabric, using stitching to blend it into the other piece of fabric on the canvas. She then added other, different pieces of fabric onto the piece to create the rest of the image. Finally, she stitched the entire piece creating exquisite detail. For her birch series, she did fabric and stitch pieces with birch trees in the summer, fall, and winter.

Come check them out for yourself here at the gallery in Center Lovell, Maine!


Gifts for Grads

It's that time of year, graduation season! This is a time of joy, pride, and excitement, even while dealing with the impacts of the virus. While graduations may look different this year, they are still moments to celebrate. Thinking of a gift for your recent graduate? We have plenty of options here at Harvest Gold!

A piece of jewelry for your new grad is something they'll be able to look at and remember their accomplishment for years to come.

If you would like to give a ring with a specific birthstone or personal meaning, Lynda is always ready to sit down and help you design the perfect custom piece.

We have a large selection of gifts beyond our jewelry, such as clever, leather front pocket wallets, wine bottle stoppers (for those graduating college!), and glassware.

Now, more than ever, is opportunity to make recent graduates feel special. Harvest Gold is here to help you find a unique and memorable gift. We are now open and taking all necessary measures to keep our customers safe. We are happy to invite you to come and shop for graduation gifts! Congratulations, grads!



New Artist: Jeanne Ouellette

Hi there! We have recently welcomed a new artist to the Gallery! Works by Jeanne Ouellette of Lovell, Maine are now being shown at Harvest Gold.

"Kezar Narrows"

Jeanne Ouellette paints the world around her. Trained as a landscape architect, she has found herself at the intersection of the natural environment and design throughout her career. 

"Lovell Village: Millbank Manor"

Many will be familiar with the subject matter featured in Jeanne's work as she captures many local scenes in her work. Jeanne captures the beauty and peacefulness of our area. What a refreshing look at Lovell!

"Kezar Geometry"

Welcome to Jeanne Ouellette! We are so happy to be able to display her work!

"Isle of Trees"

We're Open!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the Gallery is now open to the public once again, albeit with some caveats.

We want to reassure our customers that we are taking every precaution to ensure their safety. We have hand sanitizer ready for when you walk in the door and we are asking customers if they've completed the necessary 14 day quarantine if they are visiting from out of state. We encourage visitors to wear a mask and be aware of their proximity to others while in the Gallery. If you would prefer to visit the Gallery on your own without other customers, Bill and Lynda welcome you to call and set up an appointment. If you would rather not enter the Gallery, curbside pick up is also available for any jewelry or artwork. Bill and Lynda have been busy making jewelry, all of which is on view on our website. In addition to a strict cleaning regimen, all jewelry is cleaned after handling to prevent the passing of any germs. Our payment system is set up in a way that prevents any hand to hand contact.

Our goal is to make all customers feel safe, comfortable, and welcome. We look forward to seeing you. Captain has missed everyone and is ready to greet you at the door! 


Behind the Scenes: Drive Thru Art Show

As mentioned previously, Harvest Gold Gallery was featured on Channel 8 News! They visited one of our drive thru art shows, which have been every Saturday. Lynda got interviewed about her inspiration, and many of the featured artworks of the show were filmed and talked about, all while maintaining social distance! Here are some behind the scenes photos:



Thank you Channel 8 News!

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